As of the 7 July 2016 the role of the Fundraising Standards Board was taken over by the new Fundraising Regulator

If you have a complaint about fundraising please visit their website or call 0300 999 3404

Giving safely

We want donors to be able to give with confidence. See what you should be looking for when you donate.

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2016 Complaints Report

Annual analysis of fundraising concerns raised by the public

Complaints Report

Raising Standards

High standards of fundraising are essential for charities, suppliers and donors. The FRSB was established to ensure charities are accountable for how they fundraise.

  • Charities that are signed up to self regulation commit to following these high standards
  • FRSB members currently display the give with confidence tick logo on fundraising campaigns
  • 60% of the public said they would be more likely to give to a scheme member
  • The new Fundraising Regulator will be launching its own registration scheme later this year
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Become a member

Many charities have shown their commitment to high standards and that you care about your supporters? We have 1826 members and they will remain members until the Fundraising Regulator opens its registration system and the FRSB is finally closed.

Help you raise even more money for your cause

60% of the public would be more likely to to give to a member of our scheme and 41% would give more.

Enhance your image

The FRSB tick is the mark of fundraising accountability. Displaying the tick on your fundraising materials will instantly provide trust and credibility.

Increase your knowledge

We provide support with all the rules, regulations and guidance that apply to you and your fundraising.

Support with handling complaints

We work with members and give guidance how to deal with complaints if they come in and then what to do once they are resolved.

Show you are honest, legal, respectful, open and accountable

Our members sign up to follow the highest standards in fundraising, proving their ethical credentials.

Prove your commitment to high standards in fundraising

As a member, you'll commit to following the standards which shows that you care about how you fundraise for your clients.

Enhance your image

The FRSB tick is the mark of fundraising accountability. As a member, you'll be able to display the tick on your own materials, building trust and improving credibility.

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