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FRSB Investigates Telephone Fundraising Practices

Responding to allegations about telephone fundraising practices made by the Daily Mail, Alistair McLean, Chief Executive of the Fundraising Standards Board – the independent self-regulatory body for charity fundraising in the UK, says:  “The Daily Mail’s allegations about telephone fundraising practices are of grave concern to us. The FRSB has now launched an investigation to… Read more »

2014 Fundraising Complaints Echo Public Concerns

Fundraising Complaints from 2014 Echo Recent Public Concerns About the Frequency and Tone of Charity Approaches The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) has today (7th July 2015) published the annual FRSB Complaints Report, which echoes recent public concerns about charity fundraising. The report presents an overview of 52,389 charity fundraising complaints recorded in 2014 by 1,338… Read more »


Announcement of Telephone Summit to Review Current Practices Responding to concerns raised over the past few weeks about telephone fundraising practices, and in line with the current review of the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice, the Fundraising Standards Board and Institute of Fundraising are today announcing that they will be convening a summit… Read more »

Public To Have a Greater Voice in Standard Development

The Institute of Fundraising announced today that three independent lay members would be appointed to their Standards Committee in September 2015, along with the appointment of an independent Chair. The change in make-up of Standards Committee comes as the IoF Board responds to calls that the voice of the public – including those who donate… Read more »

No cold calling stickers to apply to fundraisers

New Rule Will Stop Fundraisers from Approaching Residences Displaying No Cold Calling Signage The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) has welcomed today’s news from the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) that the Code of Fundraising Practice is to be amended to prevent door-to-door fundraisers from visiting residences that display No Cold Calling signage. The wording of the… Read more »

IoF takes action to strengthen charity fundraising

The FRSB welcomes the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) Standards Committee’s actions to strengthen charity fundraising practices. Building on a commitment already made to recruit an independent chair of Standards Committee, and welcoming the work done by the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) in its investigation report into charity fundraising practices, Standards Committee yesterday decided to: Make… Read more »

Manage how much marketing you receive

How to manage how much contact you have from charities We often get contacted by people who are concerned about the amount of charity appeals they or members of their family receive. Here is some advice about how you can better manage the amount of marketing you receive. How do charities get your details? There… Read more »

Interim investigation report published

FRSB Interim Report Calls for Donors to Be Given More Control Over Charity Fundraising Approaches In an interim investigation report published today(09 June 2015), the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) has called for the public to be given more control over the way that charities communicate with them, making it easier for people to opt out… Read more »

FRSB Responds to Mail on Sunday Allegations

FRSB Responds to Allegations of High Pressure Fundraising in Today’s Mail on Sunday Responding to allegations of high pressure fundraising in today’s Mail on Sunday, Alistair McLean, Chief Executive of the Fundraising Standards Board – the independent self-regulatory body for charity fundraising in the UK, says:  “We are deeply concerned about the allegations that the… Read more »

Olive Cooke Investigation Update

Update on the FRSB Investigation and IoF Review of Charity Fundraising Practices The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) is currently investigating public concerns about charity fundraising practices that have arisen since the tragic death of Olive Cooke. The FRSB’s interim report will be published next week, when it will be presented to the Institute of Fundraising… Read more »