Air Ambulances sign up to FRSB

As part of the continuous drive to further improve standards in the operation of air ambulances, the majority have now signed up to a new Code of Conduct which includes following the standards set by the FRSB.

Those air ambulances that have signed the new Code are expected to now meet the standards set by the FRSB. The Code provides a high benchmark for medical care, civil aviation practices and charity fundraising standards.

Clive Dickin, National Director of the Association of Air Ambulance’s commented:

“Each air ambulance charity or ambulance service is subtly different. With the use of the Care Quality Commission, Civil Aviation and FRSB standards linked to the Association’s rules, the air ambulance community can now measure performance, collaborate and continually improve fundraising, air operations and clinical performance of the 35 air ambulances in the UK.”

Alistair McLean, Chief Executive of the FRSB, commented:

“Air ambulance charities provide a vital service to the UK public. Now, with this new Code, there will be greater consistency of fundraising standards and more organisations using the “Give with Confidence” tick logo, helping build public confidence.

“This Code is an important opportunity for the sector to ensure that all fundraising conforms to the high standards required of charities operating in the UK.”

The association is keen to see the new Code become the minimum standard of operation for all air ambulance operations in the UK and encourages donors and patients to look out for the AAA and FRSB logos, which will give confidence that the best possible care is being delivered through a professional and ethical charity.

For more information about the Air Ambulance Association visit their website.

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