Membership of FRSB

By joining the FRSB scheme charities showed everyone who gave them money that they cared about their supporters and were accountable.

By joining the self-regulatory scheme charities were showing everyone who gives them money – individuals, businesses, government and grant-makers – that they care about their supporters and are accountable.

Members were accountable

Our robust, independent complaints procedure provided an industry standard for members and helped them to resolve issues easily and increased their transparency. Completing their annual complaints return helped members assess how the public responded to their fundraising campaigns throughout the year.

Membership proved commitment to high standards in fundraising

Members committed to following the standards which showed their commitment to being honest, legal, respectful and open when fundraising. By using the Fundraising Promise members demonstrated to their supporters that they cared about their donation.

The FRSB tick logo. It enhanced the organisation’s image – and the sector as a whole

The general public increasingly recognised the FRSB tick as the mark of fundraising accountability. Displaying the tick on charities fundraising materials provided confidence and built credibility.

Increased knowledge

The FRSB provided support with all the rules, regulations and guidance that applyed to charities and their fundraising. And helped with handling complaints.

Member commitments

Members committed to following best practice standards and being subject to an independent complaints process to ensure public confidence in charitable giving. See our member commitments.