The FRSB complaints report

Every year, the FRSB publishes a UK fundraising complaints report. This is a summary of all fundraising complaints received by FRSB members. We ask our members to complete an annual complaints return and we publish results annually.

As the UK fundraising regulator, we ask our members to complete an annual complaints return so we can:

  • monitor the total level of fundraising complaints across the sector
  • highlight common issues behind those complaints
  • use public feedback to drive and shape fundraising standards and best practice.

All the information our members provide on their annual complaints return is kept strictly confidential and we only ever publish results for the membership as a whole.

Key statistics from the 2015 report

The FRSB Complaints Report 2015 is based on a record number of 1,338 reporting charities, reflecting the growth in FRSB members and the sector’s increasing commitment to accountability and transparency.

In 2014, our members recorded:

  • Over 20 billion fundraising contacts
  • 52,389 complaints
  • 17 complaints were escalated through the FRSB complaints process
  • 6 of these went on to adjudication
  • Almost half the yr-on-yr increase in complaints logged by newly reporting charities
  • Complaints echo recent public concerns about frequency and tone of charity approaches
  • Top 3 areas of concern remain addressed direct mail, telephone and door-to-door fundraising

See the full FRSB Complaints Report 2015