There are various ways in which you can give money to charity. Don’t forget to look for the FRSB tick when you’re donating so you can give with confidence.

Making a donation

There are many ways to make a donation:

  • By giving direct to the charity, for example, over the phone, through their website or by responding to an appeal
  • By giving through your pay packet
  • Leaving a legacy in your will
  • Setting up a direct debit for regular payment
  • Putting money in collection boxes
  • Lots of shops have donation tins next to the till. But as we all shop more by card, it’s harder to make a donation that way. Pennies is an electronic equivalent, allowing you to make an extra payment each time you use your card.

If you’re a tax payer, signing a Gift aid declaration will allow the charity to claim the tax back on your donation, at no extra cost to you.


There are a range of opportunities for sponsorship. Traditionally, these include options like sponsoring a child or an animal.

Many charities also offer charity gifts which go to the beneficiary, while your relative or friend receives a card telling them about the donation.

By shopping

There are also several ways of supporting charities by shopping:

  • Donating to and buying from charity shops.
  • Looking for listings on eBay that include a donation of all or part of the money. eBay lets you search for items that are part of the eBay for Charity scheme.
  • Buying greetings cards.