FRSB Welcomes OCS Funding to Review Self-Regulatory Landscape

The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) has welcomed the allocation of £20,000 from the Office for Civil Society (OCS) to fund an initial review of the roles and remits of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) and Fundraising Standards Board within self-regulation of fundraising.

The review will explore how the three organisations might evolve structurally and financially to create a more efficient self-regulatory landscape for fundraising.

Alistair McLean, Chief Executive of the charity fundraising regulator, the Fundraising Standards Board, says: “We are committed to growing the sectors commitment to self-regulation and, where necessary, streamlining the self-regulatory landscape and ensuring maximum efficiency. It is our shared commitment to  maintain a robust regulatory scheme that strengthens public trust in giving to charity.

“As Lord Hodgson said in his review of the Charities Act 2006, it is essential that there is no confusion about who does what and how self-regulation is delivered. We are keen to refine the roles and responsibilities involved to develop and evolve the scheme and look forward to working with the reviewer.”

Self-regulation of fundraising, delivered by the Fundraising Standards Board, was first launched to the public in February 2007. To date, 1,496 charities and suppliers subscribe to regulation through the FRSB, raising around half of all voluntary income raised in the UK. Member organisations are committed to fundraising best practice, transparency and accountability, reporting complaints to the regulator. Charities display the ‘give with confidence’ tick mark on appeals.

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