The FRSB is the independent self-regulator for charity fundraising in the UK. We’re here for the public to make any complaints about fundraising, to ensure charities are accountable for their fundraising and to improve fundraising standards.

About us

The FRSB helps donors raise any concerns about fundraising, supports charities in being accountable for their fundraising, and works to improve fundraising standards.

What is the FRSB?

The FRSB is the only independent self-regulatory scheme for fundraising in the UK. We support our members in complying with fundraising best practice and we help protect donors by ensuring charities are accountable for their fundraising and by dealing...


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The FRSB team

The Fundraising Standards Board is overseen by a board of twelve directors, who represent the charity sector and the public. The day-to-day running of the organisation is managed by a small team based in London, Edinburgh and Swansea.

Annual reports and accounts

We produce an annual report which looks at the progress and impact of the Fundraising Standards Board. Within these reports, we published an overview of our membership and their annual fundraising complaint levels.


The Fundraising Standards Board was established in 2006 and is the UK’s only self-regulator for charitable fundraising in the UK. Read more about our history and see the key dates in our timeline.

What we do

We are the independent self-regulator for fundraising in the UK. We encourage high standards in fundraising so that the public can be confident when they make a donation. We have over 1500 members and 50% of all voluntary income in the UK is raised by...

How we regulate charities

We run the UK’s independent regulatory scheme for fundraising. We work to ensure that charities and fundraising suppliers are accountable for how they fundraise. We use self-regulation and auditing to ensure our members follow the standards.

What is self-regulation?

Fundraising self-regulation was launched in 2007. It allows fundraising organisations to demonstrate best practice, eliminate poor practice and increase public trust and confidence in the voluntary and community sector.

The standards

High standards of fundraising are essential for charities, suppliers and donors. The standards are based on recognised best practice within the fundraising industry and they are informed and strengthened based on feedback from the public. Membership of...

The Fundraising Promise

The Fundraising Promise is a key part of our scheme. It outlines how our members will behave when doing their fundraising and ensures fundraising is legal, honest, open, transparent and accountable.

The FRSB tick

The FRSB "give with confidence" tick logo is the symbol to show that our member charities are regulated for fundraising. It helps the public to know they can give with confidence to members.

Charity regulators

There are a number of regulators who protect donors by ensuring charities are accountable. Each has a different role. Want to know who to contact? We’ll help you understand their roles and responsibilities.

Other voluntary sector bodies

If you need more information about charities, these voluntary sector bodies can help.

For donors

If you donate to charities or support them in other ways, you want to feel confident that you can trust them. The FRSB helps to protect donors by ensuring charities and suppliers are accountable for their fundraising and by handling complaints.

Giving safely

We understand that every time you give, you want to feel confident that you can trust that charity. This advice explains how to keep yourself safe when you donate, so you can give with confidence.

Street fundraising

Street fundraising is an effective way for charities to secure regular monthly gifts for their work. The method is not well received at times, with street fundraisers often being referred to as “chuggers” (charity muggers). However, in the vast majority of ...

Door-to-door fundraising

Door-to-door fundraising is being used more and more frequently by the UK’s charities to obtain regular committed gifts (Direct Debit donations) for their work. If you are visited by a door-to-door fundraiser it’s important to keep you and your personal inf...

Online donations

Donating to charities online is a convenient and efficient way to donate. It’s easy for you as a donor and it normally has lower costs for the charity too. But internet scams do exist, so how do you make sure your donation is secure? We offer some ad...

Donating cash to charity

When you come across a charity cash collector, here are some simple checks you can make to reassure yourself that you are safely giving to legitimate charity collectors.

Charity bag collection

In the UK, charities lose an estimated £15 million each year through the theft of charity bags or by fraudulent collections. But the majority of collections are legitimate. Here’s how to donate safely using charity bags.

Lotteries and raffles

Nine percent of FRSB members fundraise through lotteries and it’s an important way of raising income. However, the public sometimes has concerns about lottery fundraising. Here’s how to protect yourself when you’re supporting charities in this way....

Fundraising for charity: information for individuals

As an individual, you can make a real difference by raising money for your favourite charities. Every penny counts, so do follow our guidelines to make the most of your fundraising.


There are various ways in which you can give money to charity. Don’t forget to look for the FRSB tick when you’re donating so you can give with confidence.


Volunteering is a popular way of offering support to charities. Many people begin their careers in the not-for-profit sector as volunteers and others like to use their skills and experience to give something back.

Members of our scheme

Our members have committed to following the highest fundraising standards and to being regulated by the FRSB. It’s one of the ways they show they care about their supporters and are accountable in the way they raise funds.

For charities & suppliers

Want to make the most of your fundraising and demonstrate your commitment to best practice? Signing up for self-regulation shows you’re committed to high standards, are accountable and care about your donors. Research shows that donors are more likely t...

Who can join?

Signing up to be part of fundraising self-regulation is a great way to prove your commitment to ensuring your fundraising is honest, legal, respectful, open and accountable. You can join if your organisation is a charity or fundraising supplier.

Become a member

By joining the FRSB scheme you are showing everyone who gives you money that you care about your supporters and are accountable. There’s lots of benefits to becoming a member.


Want to become a member of the FRSB scheme? Find out more about the commitments our members make.

Calculate your annual fee

Want to become a member of the FRSB scheme? Calculate your annual fee.

Apply online

To sign up for fundraising self-regulation, simply complete the form.

Request an application pack

If you would like us to send you a paper application pack so as you can sign up for fundraising self-regulation, please complete the form. You can also join online.


Sometimes things go wrong with fundraising and people want to raise a concern or complain. As the UK's self-regulatory scheme for charity fundraising, part of our role is to help the public if they have a concern and to work with the charity or supplier...

Make a complaint

If you have a complaint about fundraising, the FRSB can help. As the regulator of fundraising in the UK, we’ll investigate all potential breaches of the Standards outlined in the Institute of Fundraising's Code of Practice

Online complaints form

Filling in our complaints form online is the easiest way to raise your concerns.

The complaints process

We have a clearly defined process for dealing with complaints. This allows charities and suppliers to use their complaints procedure before the complaint is passed to the FRSB. Most complaints can be resolved at this stage but the FRSB can help with any...

The FRSB complaints report

Every year, the FRSB publishes a UK fundraising complaints report. This is a summary of all fundraising complaints received by FRSB members. We ask our members to complete an annual complaints return and we publish results annually.

Latest rulings

We hold an adjudication if a complaint reaches the final stage of our process. This means that we have been unable to resolve the complaint and have asked our independent board of directors to review the case.


The FRSB can impose sanctions if we find that our members have breached our standards. This may be as a result of a complaint or through an audit we carry out. Here’s the information about the sanctions we can apply.

Contact us

The FRSB is committed to providing the best service possible. So if you need any help, have any feedback or would like to become a member, please get in touch.