Small charities Offered 50% discount on FRSB Annual Fee

The Fundraising Standards Board is offering member charities of the Small Charities Coalition and Charity Trustee Networks a  50% discount on their annual FRSB fee.

Organisations that sign up to fundraising regulation through the FRSB make a commitment to best practice in fundraising and to being honest, open and accountable for their actions. They must monitor complaints in line with the FRSB’s formal 3-step process and submit details of complaints on an annual basis to the regulator.

Charities and suppliers are encouraged to use the distinctive FRSB tick logo on fundraising materials, encouraging the public to give with confidence. The FRSB provides support and guidance for handling complaints about charity fundraising.

Discounted FRSB annual fees range from £15 for organisations with voluntary incomes under £10,000 to £135 for organisations with incomes up to £1 million.

To find out more about signing up to the FRSB, click here.

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