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Five Good Things About the NHS and Health Experts

For over 70 years, NHS health experts have provided free treatment to UK residents which research has established has seen the average lifespan of both men and women rise by several years. With this said, in more recent times budgets have been cut which has resulted in longer waiting lists for much needed treatment and operations. The NHS, however, continues to provide medical care for around 23 million people each month, whether they are seen by their GPs or a qualified nurse.

Also the health experts aims to give people information on what treatments they can get though private health care for free. If you would like to know more about treatments provided by NHS or health experts in the UK and who is entitled to free medical care when they need it, please click on a Select a Section below:

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  • How Many Patients are Treated by the NHS Health Experts Annually?
  • How Much Does NHS Health Expert Medical Care Cost Per Patient?
  • How Much Does the NHS Spends Every Second?
  • Has a Person’s Life Span Increased Since the Creation of the NHS?
  • Is NHS Treatment Free for Everyone?
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How Many Patients are Treated by the NHS Health Experts Annually?

As previously touched upon, around 23 million patients are treated by NHS health experts every month, with 1.5 million people being seen by a GP or qualified nurse every day of the year. Other statistics include the following:

  • A GP or doctor who works full-time for the NHS will treat on average around 255 people every week
  • When it comes to NHS chiropodists, they treat over 150, 000 patients every week
  • During the period from 2014 and 2015, there were 9 million emergency calls made in the UK
  • The NHS advice line known as NHS Direct responds on average to 20 phone calls every minute

How Much Does NHS Health Expert Medical Care Cost Per Patient?

It costs NHS health experts £24,000 to treat a patient who has been seriously injured in a road traffic accident or collision. Other costs for treatments and medical care that the NHS pays out are detailed below:

  • It costs the NHS £16,213 to treat someone suffering from tuberculosis
  • The cost of treating a person who needs a coronary artery bypass is £10, 037

These figures do not cover the more specialised treatments that patients need which includes cancer and other life-threatening health issues which is why many believe the NHS to be a national treasure.

How Much Does the NHS Spends Every Second?

The NHS spends about £4,677, treating over 1.4 million people every day and is among one of the biggest employers not only in the UK but in the world. Other fascinating statistics about the NHS include the following:

  • In England, it is expected that during the period from 2018 to 2019, the NHS will spend £126 billion
  • In England, there are over 7,400 GP practices today
  • The NHS employed over 100,000 doctors, just under 286,000 nurses and health visitors, around 22,000 midwives and just over 132,000 therapeutic, technical and scientific staff in March 2017 in hospitals and community healthcare facilities in England on full-time basis
  • Over 100,000 volunteers work in social care and health care
  • During the period from 2015 to 2016, there were a total of 16 million hospital admissions in England – a rise of 28% compared to 10 years earlier
  • 23 million people were treated in Accident and Emergency departments during the period from 2016 to 2017 which is a rise of 23.5% as compared to ten years earlier
  • The budget for the NHS for the period between 2017 to 2018 was set at £147.5 billion which works out at £2,264 per UK resident

Has a Person’s Life Span Increased Since the Creation of the NHS?

The NHS was first created back 1948, and since this time, both a man and a woman’s lifespan has risen significantly with more people living 10 years longer than back in the forties. As such, people throughout the UK have come to rely on NHS health experts and the medical care and treatments they provide.

Is NHS Treatment Free for Everyone?

Treatment under the NHS is not free for everyone, with overseas visitors having to pay for some of the medical services that are on offer. As such, NHS services are not free for everyone who lives in the country as non-ordinary residents which basically means that their first country of residence in outside of the UK.

Government legislation requires that all patients are checked to see if they are entitled to receive free NHS medical care by asking if they have been living in the country for a minimum of 6 months. NHS health experts and staff at the point of entry to all medical facilities are trained to routinely ask specific questions to everyone who visits a NHS medical facility regardless of a person’s age, gender, race, ethnicity or sex. Today, there is an overseas visitor manager in each NHS medical facility whose job it is to enforce the government legislation.

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